This is your chance to own a beautiful home near Crater Lake National Park!

Let’s face it. Buying an existing home over the past two years has been next to impossible. But you know what isn’t impossible? Building a new home and co-owning it with several other people through fractional ownership.

Become an Owner in the Barnam Lakehouse.

Only 7 spots are available!

If you’d like to become an owner of the Barnam Lakehouse, please first review the FAQ section. Then check out the steps below to get started:


1. Intent-to-Purchase Deposit

To get started we require a non-refundable $500 “intent-to-purchase” deposit which will provide you with the following: a) The address to the property so you can visit in person. b) A draft of the Co-Owner “Terms of Participation and Use” Agreement and “LLC Operating Agreement”. c) Phone time with a member of our team to discuss details.

Get Started!

2. 10% Purchase Deposit

After agreeing to move forward with the property for the construction of the Everywhere® Barnam, it’s time to make a 10% Purchase Deposit. Your deposit will go towards all of the necessary pre-construction items that need to be performed to complete the Everywhere® Barnam build. Such as civil engineering and site planning, architectural drawings, structuring engineering and permitting.

3. 60 days to verify funds

Once your purchase deposit has been made, you will have 60 days to verify your funds through an escrow service.

4. Sign Final Agreements

As soon as your funds have been confirmed, we will have you digitally sign the Co-Owner “Terms of Participation and Use” Agreement and the “LLC Operating Agreement” to confirm you as a new owner of the Everywhere® Barnam home that you will help us build.